Ship Sustainably With Our Eco-Friendly Packaging

Composd offers eco-friendly packaging, such as compostable mailers from leftover sheep wool. We believe in providing biodegradable packaging solutions that’s sustainable and environmentally friendly. We’re the proud Canadian distributor of Woola brand compostable wool padded envelopes.

Wool Padded Envelope

Padded envelopes made from leftover sheep wool that would otherwise go to waste. Making packaging and e-commerce lighter on the planet.

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Why Wool?

200 000 tonnes of sheep wool is either burned or buried in Europe yearly. Since wool is a naturally compostable fibre, water repellent, and resistant to extreme temperatures, this makes the perfect material for packaging items that need extra cushioning.

Each year the earth's equator can be wrapped ten times in unsustainable plastic bubble wrap. Polyethylene "aka" plastic takes more than 500 years to decompose.