5 Sustainable Brands To Try In 2022

5 Sustainable Brands To Try In 2022

So, another trying year has passed, and if we have learned anything from 2021 it’s that the world is very unpredictable.  With new variants of COVID continuing to develop, heat domes and forest fires in the summer, flooding and mudslides in the fall, and the latest cold snaps, we really do need to start thinking more about “Sustainability”.  

Whether you’re a sceptic like I was and didn't really think your actions had any real impact, or you try to keep up-to-date on the latest sustainability trends, there is always room to try new things.  

We are on a small mission this year to see what sustainable and local products can help us make even the smallest difference for the environment.  So far, these are the products I’ve found, and I am excited to continue using them in 2022. Check them out here!


1. Tru Earth - Laundry products and more without the excess plastic.

 All of Tru Earth’s products are focused on plastic-free packaging. Its light weight reduces transportation fuel consumption and global-warming carbon emissions by 94% compared to today’s leading-brand liquid and powder detergents.

I tried their laundry strips, and I was very pleased with the effectiveness and scent (I’m a sucker for scents, and they literally blew me away!).

They deliver to your door with very minimal packaging, keeping waste at a minimum.  My box of 384 strips was wrapped in kraft paper with paper based tape. I’d highly recommend them for your next load of laundry.


2. Mejuri - Using recycled gold to create beautiful new jewellery.  

    I was thrilled to find this brand and that they are reusing and recycling gold to create their beautiful and minimalist jewellery. Personally, I enjoy the elegance of their simple design; I love timeless pieces that I can wear for years to come and eventually pass down to my children. Mejuri truly has it all, and their prices are competitive with other popular jewellery brands. 



    3. Imagine Perry - Swimsuit brand that sources Lycra made from recycled plastic bottles.

    This company makes swimwear for the family and to fit all body types, making going out in a swimsuit fun and stylish!  

    Personally, I haven’t had a chance to try their swimsuits yet (first thing I’m doing this summer), but Jillian Harris is a big fan of these. The swimsuit cuts are flattering for all body types so no matter your body shape or size, you’ll be guaranteed comfort.

    They also come in a variety of styles, so whether you want to show very little or everything off, Imagine Perry will have something for you. Their swimsuits also come in a number of prints, making them great fun for children.


    4. Kaia Naturals - Natural deodorants, facial wipes, and dry shampoo.

      Then I found Kaia’s natural deodorant, and it was a game changer. What impressed me first was their instructions on how to use their products. I learned that it takes time for your body to rid itself of chemicals from other deodorants. But eventually, you’ll adjust to a natural deodorant. They also informed me that using the underarm detox bar when in the shower will assist against bad body odour. 

      In addition, the company provided great customer service. After I told them I forgot to use an online offer they had, they immediately emailed me back and included an underarm detox bar! Now, I am excited to try their overnight dry shampoo on my daughter who battles with oily hair. 


      5. Mala The Brand - Natural Soy Candle

      Mala goes back to basics and doesn't sacrifice quality. Their hand poured soy candles are crafted from the simplest of ingredients: natural soy wax, wood wicks (for maximum cozy feels), lead-free cotton wicks, and the highest quality blend of phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils.

      I haven't tried these candles yet but they  are next on my list.  Again, they educate their customers on why soy candles are more environmentally-friendly than regular ones. And like I said before, I’m a sucker for scents, so it’s going to be tough to choose from their array of wonderful choices.

      Of course, I’m always going to be on the lookout for more sustainable and local brands. But these 5 products will be an excellent start for 2022, and I’m certain they’ll only continue to grow in the future. 

      Check them all out, and keep an eye out for more sustainable brands and products near you! Every bit helps when trying to keep this world as green as possible! 

      I would love to know which sustainable brands you'll be looking to try in 2022! Please leave a comment below.

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