About Us

Jaycee Dubuc - Founder

At the age of 20, Jaycee wanted to own her own business in the fashion industry. With a passion for an ethical and sustainable way of life, the packaging options did not reflect this. Most packaging and shipping presented to her were single use plastics or only recyclable options. 


Composd Distribution Inc is providing Canada and North America with ethically sourced and made, sustainable packaging that encompasses a holistic lifecycle. Composd is here to educate and inform companies and consumers all about the new and improved ways of packaging solutions. By sharing a respect and appreciation towards the earth’s limited resources, we can use discarded materials and bring a new life to them. Composd living encompasses a calm, observant outlook and a simpler, more sustainable way of life. Let’s take a step back to minimize and slow down consumerism bringing joy to us and our environment.

Join us on our journey!