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Wool Padded Envelope - Large

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These padded envelopes are a great, sustainable packaging alternative to traditional, plastic bubble mailers. Our Composd envelopes are made of two easily separable layers. The inner layer is made of unused sheep's wool which is naturally water-repellant and resistant to extreme temperatures; the outer layer is composed of 100% recycled paper. Be sure to insert your items in the inner layer. Due to their soft and strong interiors, our padded envelopes are great for packaging any goods, especially delicate items! It's the perfect alternative to bubble wrap and plastic poly mailers.

The envelopes have a peel & seal closure and are available in 3 sizes.


Inside Measurement - 10.5" by 15.5"

Outside Measurement - 11.75" by 16.5"

All Woola products are manufactured in Estonia.

What size envelope should I order?

It's always frustrating when you buy an envelope only to find out that it isn't large enough for your items. To ensure that the envelope you're ordering is enough for your items, be sure to lay out all your items and measure their combined length, width, and height. Then, find the envelope size from our selection that best suits your items. All of our envelope dimensions are listed on the product pages. 

To be extra safe, you can also order our sample package! It offers one envelope of each size (small, medium, and large) so you can try them out before ordering our envelopes in bulk!

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! If you're looking to make custom orders for an event or for your business, let us know and we can create custom packaging for your needs! Contact us at

What to do with your packaging after usage?

There are plenty of ways to recycle our padded envelopes. 

If the envelope is relatively intact, you can reuse the packaging for your own items after you've emptied the envelope. Our wool envelopes are strong and sturdy, so you can simply apply a new shipping label over the old one and take it to the post office.

If the outer layer (recyclable paper) is worn-out, then you can still repurpose the wool liner! It's both water-repellant and resistant to extreme temperatures, making it a versatile material. 

If you feel like neither option works for you, then that's alright. Simply put the wool liner in a composting bin and recycle the paper layer. 

Why are Composd envelopes more sustainable than others?

Because they're made from wool and recyclable paper, Composd envelopes biodegrade naturally and safely. We've also made it easy to separate the wool and the paper layers, making them easy to sort and recycle.

Most bubble mailers leave microplastics behind when they break down, creating a negative effect on the environment. Wool and paper, on the other hand, break down into carbon dioxide and water, naturally occurring elements in nature.